Officers are elected each fall and installed in January for the calendar year.

Corporate Officers

CJ Sherman, President
Mike Haubner, Vice President
Jennifer Barnett, Secretary & Chaplain
Becky Shelor, Treasurer
Johnson Reynolds, Chaplain Emeritus

Fire Department Officers

Keith Williams, Fire Chief
Justin Akers, Assistant Chief
Captain, CJ Sherman
Gary Akers, First Lieutenant
Larry Akers, Second Lieutenant
Henry Barnett, Supply Sergeant
Jeremy Snider, Safety Officer

Rescue Squad Officers

Steve Shelor, Rescue Chief
Wayne Akers, Captain
Becky Shelor, First Lieutenant
Lee Watson, Second Lieutenant (Equipment)
Mike Haubner, Second Lieutenant (Training)
Jennifer Barnett, Supply Officer

Certified EMS Personnel

Gary Akers, EMT-B
Ruth Akers, EMT-B
Breana Akers, EMT-B
Shannon Akers, EMT-B
Wayne Akers, EMT-Enhanced
Almeta Cook, EMT-B
Rachel Copeland, EMT-Enhanced
Douglas Dandro, EMT-B
Nichole Davis, EMT-Enhanced
Rachel Frith, EMT-Enhanced
Mike Haubner, Paramedic
Ryan Mondy, EMT-B
David Montgomery, EMT-B
Morgan O'Bryan, EMT-B
Chris Shelor, EMT-B
Becky Shelor, EMT-Enhanced
Steve Shelor, EMT-Enhanced
Lee Watson, Paramedic
Dustin Williams, Paramedic