About Us

Longshop McCoy Volunteer Fire Department was first founded in 1960 by Milton L. Albert and his fellow neighbors, residents of the Longshop McCoy area. The name Longshop originated from Floyd and Joe Long’s “shop” which was built in 1877. The first Rescue Squad was organized in 1970.  Longshop McCoy Fire Rescue is the only joint Fire and EMS agency in Montgomery County.  We operate as a single organization with two distinct organizational units – Fire and Rescue (EMS).

Members are trained in a variety of public safety fields:

  • Basic Fire Suppression, including Firefighter I and II
  • Emergency Medical Services, Including EMT-Basics, EMT-Advanced, EMT-Intermediate and Paramedic
  • Technical Operations and Rescue, including Hazardous Materials and Vehicle Extrication

Longshop McCoy Fire Rescue is the primary response organization for the New River in Montgomery County.  As such, we have a number of members trained specifically for water rescue.  Many in our organization are certified as Swiftwater Rescue Technicians, Boat Operators, and Divers.

Two nights per month are dedicated to training, helping ensure LSMFR personnel maintain a high level of skill and readiness to help those who live in or visit our community.